Bulletin Boards Galore!

Hello World!

I hope you had a nice weekend! Today, I will be sharing some bulletin board ideas. These come from my very talented colleagues, and perhaps you will be able to get some ideas of your own from them!

As you know, a bulletin board can take on many responsibilities:


They can be informative


They can be inspiring (This is wrapped all the way around her room above the whiteboards.)

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They can be functional (This is a behavior/job chart in a 1st grade classroom. Read for more info tomorrow!)


They can be seasonal


They can be themed for different rooms


And they can just be plain cute!


As far as I’m concerned, there really is no wrong answer here. Bulletin boards simply need to be age appropriate, and serve some kind of purpose. And yet, cuteness does serve a purpose. It gives the kids something colorful, or funny, or welcoming to enjoy in their classroom.

Now am I saying that bulletin boards are the most important thing in a classroom? Of course not. But it does add to the environment where kids will be spending 35 hours of their week. You might as well make your bulletin boards worthwhile!

I’d love to hear your ideas for boards and how you like to use them!

Helping Hands – A Theme For the Whole School!

Want a cool theme for your whole school to follow? Here you go!


We had every student in the school trace and cut out their arm, from elbow to fingertips. They wrote their names on their arm, then decorated it however they wanted. Then we put all of them up around the bulletin board and ta-da!



As I’ve mentioned before, I work in a parochial school. This could work just as easily in a public or non-religious private school with the tagline “With Helping Hands, We Can Do Anything!” or “Be a Friend, Lend a Hand,” or something similar.

The First of Many Projects for a Classroom Theme

Happy Monday!

This week, I would like to share with you my classroom theme for this year – The Wizard of Oz!

I have multiple references in my classroom, so I will stretch them out over the week, describing what they are, their purpose, and how I made them. Today, I’m going to share my bulletin boards.

Contrary to my previous classroom, I only have one large bulletin board this year. Therefore, I wanted to make sure it was as spectacular and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I decided to make it a shiny, three dimensional accent piece, the Emerald City!


Considering the famous line, “There’s no place like home,” is one of the three lines from the film to make the 100 greatest movie quotes of all time, it seemed imperative that I use it for this board. I think it’s extremely important for kids to feel at home in the classroom. They spend 35 hours a week there, so making it a fun and comfortable place should always be a teacher’s goal. To make this structure, I used long cardboard pieces. Sam and I ordered some doors for our basement a few weeks ago, so we had these in our garage.


I cut them and organized them in front of me the way I wanted them.


I chose a shiny green wrapping paper from Wal-Mart and wrapped each piece individually before hot gluing them together. It took an entire roll of wrapping paper and I was using scraps by the end, so if it had been any bigger I would have needed two rolls.

This trickiest part of this was getting the “city” up on the board. The school has been virtually empty when I’ve been there, so I was on my own to put it up. First, I put folded pieces of duct tape all over the back of it. That way, I was able to get the structure up on the board temporarily. Then, I reinforced the whole thing with hot glue around all of the edges.

After it was up, all I had to do was add the ruby slippers, the magic wand, and the words, “There’s no place like 2nd grade.” And voila!


My other bulletin “board” is a long strip over my white board. This is my Yellow Brick Road. This one was very simple. The board is the perfect size for standard construction paper, so I didn’t even have to cut anything. I just made the brick pattern on the individual pieces of yellow construction paper, wrote various virtues on three or four bricks per page, then stapled them all on the strip. After that, all it took was the lettering, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”





Well, I think I’ll stop there for today, but keep reading this week for the rest of my theme projects – a life size apple tree, smoke written in the sky, a poppy field, and much more!